Finnair Baggage Allowance, Fees and Policy [2021]

Finnair is a huge airline juggling flights to and from, and within 34 countries. Naturally, they have lots of rules on what can and can’t be taken on the Finnair flights. Acquainting yourself with the Finnair baggage allowance policies will help last-minute delays while trying to board. Depending on the region, the baggage policies might differ a little. Mostly, flights within Finland, Scandinavia, have the same rule as flights within the US.

On regular Finnair tickets, you should be allowed one carry-on baggage, one checked baggage, and one personal item. All of these do come with maximum weight limitations and other restrictions, which is what we would focus on today.

Finnair Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Regardless of the weight limit for carry-on bags, do your best to pack only the essentials. If you are traveling during winter, this is especially recommended. Plenty of people bring their coats and other items and ultimately, the flight ends up short on space. This causes a delay for the flight as the ground crew has to come and remove the excess baggage and redirect it to the cargo hold.

The overhead locker is for carry-on baggage while the personal item is designated to the space under the seat directly in front of you. If you do not bring any carry-on, you can keep the personal item in the compartment instead. If you bring a coat or jacket with you, the seat in front of you also has a hook where you can hang it from.

Another thing to note is that the locker over the rows of emergency exit passengers can only be used by them.

The amount of carry-on baggage you would be able to carry with you also depends on the travel class you opted for.

Finnair Business Class Allowance

If you have business class, you have two baggage allowance. The bag can be 40 cm in width, 23 cm in height, and 55 cm in width at most. A personal item is allowed, which can range from a laptop bag to a backpack or a hand purse. The dimensions have to come within 15 cm heightwise, 30 cm weight wise and 40 cm in length. The combined maximum weight for all the items should be limited to 22 lbs or 10 kg.

Finnair Economy Class Allowance

One personal item and one carry-on baggage is the most economy class would allow. Thankfully, the dimensional requirements have the same baggage allowance constraints as that of the Business class. Only, the weight limit has been downgraded to 8 kg or 17.5 lbs. This is a given, considering business class allows two carry-ons.

Finnair Carry-On Special Allowance

Adults and children have the same baggage allowance if a seat has been reserved for them. If it is a particularly young child with no reservation, they can’t have any carry-on with them. However, a baby stroller or a car seat is allowed. As an adult, you can also bring food and milk for your child without being restricted to a certain amount.

Here’s one thing you should keep in mind. If you bring a foldable pushchair, you can’t bring any other carry-on. The pushchair also has to come within the limitations of the baggage allowance for carry-on. You can still have one personal item.

Assistive devices such as a cane can be brought onboard. Musical instruments are allowed on board provided they don’t exceed the limit of the carry-on baggage allowance or are an addition to them. As such, you can bring a violin but not a piano.

If you buy an item at the airport, including from those duty-free shops, they are counted as carry-ons.  Adhering to the carry-on rules is important because otherwise, you would have to pay excess baggage fees.

Medicine of all kinds is allowed provided you have the prescriptions with you.

Finnair Carry-on Restricted Items

Drink items are restricted. No liquid item, as it happens, semi-liquid food items are out of the question. This means honey, jam, etc.

Actually, it is wrong to say liquids are not allowed at all. But they come with lots of restrictions. At most, you can bring 100 ml of any liquid. 1 liter is the maximum amount, where you have to divide the liquid into small 100 ml sealed plastic bag. The plastic item should be transparent and can be undone when needed.  The airport security will check your liquid item and then decide if it can be brought on board.

Foam,  deodorants, or any items that have liquid air trapped in them can not be brought on board. Toiletries. Cosmetics of any kind are not allowed inside the cabin either. To put it simply, any item that has the slightest chance of spilling over isn’t allowed inside the cabin. Our precious contacts lens solution is not eliminated from this rule either.

An obvious restricted item is a knife or scissors. Any item that can be used as a potential threat against other passengers is not allowed. Flights within Finland, such as a takeoff from Helinski, allow skates but prohibit those in other places.

Lighters, matches, lithium-ion, and metal batteries are restricted too. However, for batteries, 2-gram lithium or 100 watts is still allowed.

Finnair Checked Baggage Allowance

The economy class makes allowance for 50 lbs or 23 kg maximum weight for checked baggage. Business-class caps off at 70 lbs or 32 kg. Both for economy and business, the dimensions all add up to 158 cm. The checked baggage can be a trolley or a huge luggage bag.

Then, both classes allow one special item. This can be sports equipment, musical, snowboard, anything that fits within 220 cm. For bags exceeding the maximum weight limit, a heavy amount has to be paid.

Some items, such as sports equipment and musical instrument, will be accepted regardless of the weight if you get special permission from the airline. Wheelchairs are also allowed, provided you have permission. It is best to pay these baggage fees in advance online instead of doing so at the airport. The airport costs you more.

Finnair Excess Baggage Fees

If an economy class passenger has baggage exceeding the 50 lbs weight limit, they must pay €75. Flights within Finland, Scandinavia charge  €55. For international flights, such as one going to North America, the extra baggage allowance fee is €70. These charges are for all one-way flights.

Even for special baggage, if the standard weight – which is 50 lbs- and the dimensions of 220 cm are surpassed, you will have to pay an extra fee depending on the equipment. For example, trying to board a bicycle will result in a €55 bag charge.

If you have a business class ticket, a weight limit of 70 lbs doesn’t arouse any charges. However, Oneworld Emerald members and Finnair Plus Platinum members get away with even more than that.

Other special excess baggage fees:

  • Transporting firearms always ensures charges of €45 for flights within Finland and €80 for Asia and North America. An extra bag of 50 lbs is allowed in this case. The ammunition itself and the firearms have to be packed in separate bags.
  • Musical instruments restricted to 50 lbs can be carried as special baggage. Instruments touching 70 lbs would need to be paid with extra fees. Anything larger than that, and you would have to ask for special permission from Finnair.
  • For pets, an extra fee has to be paid. Again, it is best to contact Finnair representatives to know the details. Only, if the dog is on duty or a guide dog, there is no need for a fee.
  • Restricted Items
  • Finnair flights allow some dangerous items as checked baggage. However, if it is considered threatening, it would not be allowed as a carry-on at all.

Cabins don’t allow any kind of dangerous projectiles such as guns or firearms. Any object that has sharp ends does not have a place inside. A device that can disrupt a person’s movement, such as a taser, is not granted entry. Any kind of tool or instrument that can be used to harm oneself or other people inside the cabin is not allowed.

As for checked baggage, anything to do with fire is not allowed. This means ammunition, grenade, gunpowder, dynamite, and so on. If you need to carry these, you can do so on a cargo plane with special permission from the authorities.

Finnair Special Baggage

If the musical instrument or the sports equipment exceeds the checked baggage allowance weight, it is considered special baggage. If it is within under 50 lbs or the 70 lbs restriction for business class, it is considered checked baggage. If you have a special suitcase, it is important to let the airlines know days in advance. This way, they will keep an area free on the cargo for you.

Special Baggage – Sports Equipment

  • Skiing equipment, surfboard within the weight limit are standard baggage. Over it, it is considered extra baggage, and extra fees have to be paid.
  • Golf equipment is entirely standard baggage. Therefore, all the parts of the golf equipment are counted together to understand the weight.
  • Oxygen tanks excluded, diving equipment as standard baggage. Air tanks mixed in, heavy fees are applied. Diving equipment is kept in separate bags, are separate checked bags.
  • A bicycle within 50 lbs already comes with charges. Over it, the charges are heavier. In addition, the bicycle has to be wrapped in a protective case. Always inform the airlines in advance if you are carrying a bicycle.
  • A country’s embassy has to be contacted, and a license must be acquired before you can board firearms for sports on the airplane. Inside a firearm case, 5 short arm guns or 2 long arm guns are allowed. Cartridges can be carried as checked baggage as long as you securely wrap them. The ammunition has to be in a separate suitcase and can not be inflammable bullets. Regardless of the firearm type, handling fees are applicable.
  • Fishing and hockey are all standard baggage unless the stick is carried in a separate package.
  • Walking and Vaulting Poles are all checked pieces of baggage. An additional fee has to be paid for vaulting poles.

Special Baggage- Musical Instruments

  • A musical instrument can be counted as either a personal item or a carry-on. However, only if it is inside a hard case where the dimensions don’t exceed 125 cm.  The maximum weight for this instrument has to be the same as the carry-on weight.
  • If you have to keep your musical instrument inside the cabin but can’t take it as a carry-on or personal item, you can even purchase an extra seat for it.
  • The checked baggage section allows musical instruments that are up to 50 lbs. Over that, you will have to pay a hefty amount. A piano-size instrument would require a long conversation with the Finnair airline in which they would decide if they can make space for you in cargo or not.
  • Finnair Baggage Policy For Accidents
  • Accidents happen on flights, no matter how careful an airline is. Finnair has some solid policies in place in case of damage or loss of property.

Finnair Lost Baggage Policy

Landing at the airport and arranging for transportation can be hectic, especially if you have a business meeting in a few hours. It is a startlingly common occurrence for passengers to lose their belongings. Carry-on baggage is usually light and easy to forget since you don’t feel its weight in your hands.  Has any of it ever happened to you?

Finnair allocated all the found baggage to their Lost & Found International department. They have an online website where you can submit your query. It can take a couple of days for the baggage to reach you, sometimes weeks. They are handling several airport lost items at the same time.

Finnair Delayed Baggage Policy

In case of a baggage delay, you can create a report. There is a report option online, as can you register one with the ground crew. Once you have made the report, you can leave the airport and go about your day. The Finnair staff would personally contact you so an arrangement can be made for you to receive your belongings.

Once a delay report has been created, you can also track your baggage. If even after 72 hours, your baggage has not been collected, the baggage tracing form can be used for more information.

The airline also provides compensation for the delay of baggage if the item is a necessary one. The compensation can be claimed directly through the airlines or from your own insurance company- who would contact the airlines on behalf of you.

Finnair Damaged Baggage Policy

If you notice your bag has retained some sort of damage that was not there before and you are still at the airport, the arrival Service desk is at your disposal. Create a damage report with them. If you notice the problem long after you have arrived at your destination, email them at You have to file this report within 7 days.

The airlines will call you and help you with what to do going forward. Compensation can be claimed from either the insurance company associated with you or Finnair flights.

For the most part, Finnair does a meticulous job of handling your luggage. Therefore, regular wear is not considered as damaged as it can be due to your own handling.

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