Korean Air Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Fees & Weight Policy [2021]

Korean Air provides flights to and from America, excluding Brazil. Separate flights plans are available for journeys from Brazil and back. They also offer flights in regions such as Africa, the Middle East, Europe. They cover almost all of Asia and, of course, within Korea.

Due to their extensive coverage and the different rules for different countries, the free baggage allowance policy for checked baggage can become confusing. In addition, the rules for International flights can change a lot. For instance, an economic traveler from Korea or Europe to any country can take a lesser amount of carry-on options than one traveling from America to Korea.

It would be good to acquaint yourself with the rules to avoid any delays in your travel plans.

Korean Air Free Baggage Allowance

An important thing to remember while exercising your free baggage allowance right is that the weight you measured at home can differ from the one at the airport. A good way to deal with this problem is to keep the baggage underweight from the maximum weight limit. Some countries don’t even allow baggage exceeding 70 lbs. Therefore, you can not even pay an excess baggage fee for them.

If possible, tag your baggage with your name, destination and address beforehand. Also, be aware of all the Korean Air baggage policies on the restricted and special items so that you don’t have to wander around an airport, wondering what to do about your flight.

Korean Air Baggage – Carry On

For travelers from America to and from, an economy class ticket affords you one personal item and one carry-on bag. The only rule is that 2 bags has to be lower than 22 lb or 10 kg combined.

An additional personal item can be brought on economy class, something like a handbag or laptop- anything that does not take too much space. Something that can be fit inside the seat of the person in front of you. The carry-on bag can be kept inside the compartment over your head. The dimension total for a carry-on bag can not go past 115 cm. This means on each side, it can only be 20 cm in length, 40 cm in width, and 55 cm in height.

For those traveling First and Prestige classes (Equivalent of Business class and Premium class), 2 carry-on bags are allowed. Only, the weight limit is 18 kg or 40 lb in this case.

Korean Air Baggage – Checked

In addition to whatever the free baggage allowance limit is, a car seat and foldable stroller are allowed for children. Also, a 22 lb bag, a car seat, and a foldable stroller can be taken to the checked luggage section for infants.

Economy Class

Economy class passengers have a free baggage allowance of 2 bags of 23 kg or 50 lbs each in most countries. In the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, these operating airlines only allow one checked baggage of 50 lbs. Korea to neighboring countries such as Japan, China also has a 1 bag policy for economy class. So do all the flights from one Asian country to another.

Prestige Class

The free baggage allowance for the Prestige class is 2 bags. Except, the weight limit has been raised to 70 lbs or 32 kg. For Korea, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the free baggage allowance options remain the same.

First Class

First and Prestige classes passengers get the highest level of comfort. This is the premium class. The free baggage allowance caps at 3 bags, and all have to be under 70 lbs.

If you have some membership, you can get higher service and options. Korean Air baggage calculator is available on their website, where you can get the exact estimate depending on your travel itinerary.

Korean Air Excess Baggage Fees

For travels related to America in Economy class, if there are more than 2 bags, 200 USD is charged per piece. For baggage exceeding the 24 Kg to 32 kg limit, 100 USD is charged. If it surpasses 32 Kg, the charges are 200 USD. If the dimension limits are exceeded, we are looking at a 200 USD payment.

If the dimensions are more than 203 cm, about 400 USD. In case your baggage somehow is bigger than 292 cm in overall dimensions, that is not a bag that would be allowed. Initially, that kind of dimension would mean we are looking at special baggage, requiring you to consult with the airlines beforehand.

The rules for prestige class are pretty much the same, except excess fees start applying after the baggage weight exceeds 70 lbs. In addition, the free baggage allowance is scrapped for First class passengers if it is more than 3 bags.

All the other countries pretty much have the same rules, excluding the flights from Korea to neighboring countries and back. In this case, the fees in USD are way lower. 2 baggage means 70 USD. More than 3 means 100 USD for each bag. The baggage exceeding the 50 lbs weight range in the economy has to be paid with 50 USD. For the upper 70 lbs range, it is 100 USD.

Korean Air Special Baggage

There is luggage that is not bags that can be carried as special baggage. Usually, these items are allowed if a few rules are maintained while packing them.

Sports Equipment

  • Golf clubs are banned as carry-ons. However, they can be transported under Free baggage allowance. . The gold bag has to be within 292 cm to avoid oversize fees. Pack your gold club in a hard holder. The item is bound to bend without adequate protection, and Korean Air won’t compensate for it if you don’t package it properly. A golf bag within 23 kg is one checked bag, passing the free baggage allowance rule. More than 23 kg, it is still checked baggage with overweight fees.
  • The linear size should be within 292 cm for skateboard and ski. Depending on the total weight, overweight fees or excess baggage fees are applicable. Again, good packaging is advised.
  • The air tank must be empty, and scuba diving equipment must be in a bag specifically made for travel.
  • A bicycle without an engine can be checked-in. Contact the airlines beforehand due to the item size and space requirement.
  • Fans have to be detached from the surfboard and kept inside an appropriate container. Chargers are applicable for every bag.
  • A fishing rod within 292 cm is allowed with no fee.
  • Hockey equipment bag, skateboard, racket are all checked luggage.
  • Firearms and ammunition checked in for sports have to be kept in two separate bags.

Musical Instrument

  • An instrument within the 115 cm dimensions can be checked in as carry-on. Exceeding these dimensions, a separate seat has to be purchased.
  • For checked baggage, the dimension and weight rules for other baggage are the same for musical instruments. Only, Korean Air recommends not onboarding any musical materials as checked baggage. It is for the best you purchase a separate seat if the item does not qualify as carry-on.
  • The musical instrument should always be packed in a case that is padded in every way—nothing like a good flight to damage your instrument.

Korean Air Restricted Items

It is common for airlines to restrict or prohibit items depending on the kind of danger they can cause. The threat might be unintentional, but accidents can happen, and airlines want to ensure the complete safety of their passengers.

Prohibited Materials

  • Any container with pressurized gas in it is banned by the airline.
  • Any hazardous material, say, a fire extinguisher, can not be checked in or carried as a carry-on.
  • Any material that can catch fire is not allowed.
  • Firecrackers or firearms are not allowed. Though, depending on your use for it, such as sports reasons, you can get special permission.
  • Devices that run on lithium batteries are not allowed. Even something like a hair straightener, if it has batteries that can not be removed, would not be accepted.
  • In case you remove the battery, it can be accepted. Though, it still has to be under 160 Wh.

Items Restricted As Checked Items

  • Any kind of fragile material such as glassware, ceramic should not be boarded as checked baggage.
  • Batteries and e-cigarettes should not be inside checked bags.
  • Jewelry, documents, cash, bring those with you as carry-ons and not checked baggage.
  • Any electronic device, such as a laptop, mobile phone, or camera, should not be transferred as checked baggage.
  • Alkaline, nickel hydride, these kinds of batteries should also be carry-ons.

Items Restricted Partially As Carry-Ons

  • Liquids and gel quality foods can be brought to the cabin, but with rules. It has to be inside a container, amounting to only 100 ml. In total, 1 liter can be carried by a person. It should be sealed and inside a plastic bag.
  • Medication is allowed as a carry-on if you have a doctor’s prescription.
  • Dry ice can be brought to the cabin if the weight does not exceed 2.5 kg.
  • MacBook Pro is allowed as a carry-on in some countries and not in others. You will have to check the restrictions placed by the country. As the laptop was subject to batter recall, it is that version that is not allowed.

Certain exemptions are mobility aid items. This means wheelchairs, canes, etc. If you can provide adequate information and documents that you need these devices, whether as carry-on or checked items, the airline would try their best for you. Only, you have to remind them in days advance.

Korean Air Customer Service

Affordable Rates

Korean Air customer support terms include trying to get you the most affordable rates possible. You can reach out to them through their website, on-call, or show up at the ticket counter of the airport. If your travel schedule can be changed, the representatives would look for an alternative date and time to get you a good deal.

Timely Delivery

Baggage delivery is always on time. On the off chance it isn’t, it will still reach you within a day. You will only have to make a report with a ground staff about your missing baggage. You can leave the airport then, and the airlines will contact you to return your luggage.

Notification Services

Korean air always had a good policy on notification services over any delay, diversion, or cancellation of flights. They make it known through their website, on their toll-free number, and their subscription channels.

The SNS go-to app in South Korea has always been Kakao Talk. So, in addition to informing you on your phone number with a message, Korean Air will also send a notification on Kakao Talk. This service is only available, though, if you have a Korea-based sim card.

They also have an app known as My Inside the app, select region language to get alerts in a language you are comfortable with. In your case, select region language the United States. The app had some updates, with useful menus notification, new offline modes. For example, it allows auto-check in and lets you know the condition of your checked baggage being loaded in real-time.

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