Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Weight & Limits Guide [2021]

There is no person out there who would claim they are fond of the hassle of check-in. While you’re preparing for a long journey, if you face issues because of your carry-on bag and have to send it for checked baggage instead, you might feel inconvenienced. Security could stop you for exceeding the maximum weight limit or having items that aren’t allowed in your carry-on bag. It could lead to you paying Hawaiian airlines carry-on fees.

Acquainting yourself with details such as Hawaiian airlines carry-on size rules can ensure you get on the flight with no trouble.

Hawaiian airlines carry-on size

The one carry-on baggage you can take has to have a size that allows it to either fit under the seat in front or can be fit in the compartment over where your seat is. The compartment also has to be approved for use by the airlines. Additionally, since the bulkhead seat does not come with a storage area underneath, only the overhead cabinet is of use.

To give you a better idea of the free baggage allowance size, the maximum weight has to come within 11 kg or 25 pounds. The length of the carry-on baggage can never go past 9 inches. The width has to be limited to 14 inches, while the height must not pass 22 inches. Overall, the measurement amounts to 114 cm.

A big reason for having a certain requirement for the Hawaiian airlines carry-on size is the aircraft’s general length and seats. Bringing in baggage that weighs more than the permitted amount or is larger in size can disrupt other passengers as well as make it hard to close the overhead compartment properly.

Hawaiian airlines Personal items

The personal item you can carry with you pretty much follows the same rule as your carry-on bag. It has to be so small that it would fit the area under the seat in front of the passenger who is sitting in front of you. If you have a carry-on bag and a personal item, you have to account for fitting in both there. Personal items can’t be kept in the overhead bin.

What counts as a personal item? For most people, it tends to be their laptop, laptop bag, iPad, small bag or purse, or even a water bottle. Ultimately, it has to be small enough to smoothly slide under the seat in front.

Hawaiian airlines baggage allowance

The general directive for baggage allowance states that a person can carry one personal item and one carry-on bag. While there are exceptions to the said rule and, we will expand on that, this is the basics. For example, your personal item could be a common lighter. This item, while generally prohibited on Hawaiian airlines flights, can be accepted if you brought only one with you.

It has been explicitly announced that in the case of carry-on baggage, they could use their judgment to decide what should be stored in the aircraft’s cargo compartment. This decision could be influenced by the storage space available, the type of airplane you are getting on, or the total size of the storage area.

You can also check the Hawaiian airlines’ baggage to the cargo section as long as you follow the Domestic Contract of Carriage, Rule 18 of Hawaiian airlines. This comes with certain conditions that have to be met to get the baggage accepted along with some exceptions the airlines will make provided you follow the necessary steps.

Barring the general carry-on bag and one personal item, there are other items you can take on the aircraft with you for free. If your extra items do not fall among the objects stated below, things could go two ways.

You might have to either ask for permission days prior to boarding on the airplane if the items fall in the list stated for Rule 18.

Otherwise, if it is a general object that can’t be brought on the plane or if your carry-on baggage exceeds the size limit, you might have to pay instant fees and turn it over to go under checked baggage instead.

Free baggage allowance

Let’s take a look at items that fall under free Hawaiian airlines baggage allowance provided certain conditions are met.

1. Support Equipment

A differently-abled person can bring any equipment they need onboard to support them. The device doesn’t have to follow the carry-on size rules nor the amount of it that can be brought on the plane.

However, there has to be space available in the aircraft to keep those items. The devices also have to be kept in a location in the aircraft that has been pre-approved for stowage.

2. Extra General Items

There are a bunch of small, general items that can be brought on board along with the carry-on bag. This is not a free Hawaiian airlines baggage allowance as much as items that don’t really have much of an effect on the aircraft. As long as there is space and it does not possess any threat to safety.

This means you can pack your food for lunch or dinner on the flight. This also includes baby food. Even a camera can be brought on the plane with you.

Additionally, you can take books with you- preferably paperback and lightweight and not a huge amount.

Any kind of jacket you might have on yourself and a diary can be brought onboard. If you have a walking stick, (which falls under support equipment too) you can bring it without worrying about any extra charge.

3. Music tools

You can bring something like a guitar or a keyboard with you on the Hawaiian Airlines flight provided you are bringing it with you as a replacement for the carry-on laptop bag.

The Hawaiian airlines carry-on size limit is not implemented on the instrument. However, again, there has to be space available on the aircraft in the first place.

4. Stroller For Children

If you do not have your child with you but have to take the stroller on the airplane, it is allowed. However, you have to give up on one of the carry-on items. The stroller also has to be small enough to either be folded under the seat in front or can be safely placed inside the overhead bin.

If you do have your child with you, the carry-on item won’t have to be disposed of. Again, the stroller can be either in the compartment or the space beneath the seat in front of yours. If your stroller is so big that the cabin won’t be able to fit it in, it will be sent to the baggage compartment instead. It would be counted as gate checked and when you reach your destination, you can take it from the baggage claim section along with your other items.

5. Seat For Accommodating Your Child

You are allowed to bring a booster with you onboard. However, it can only be brought as a replacement for the carry-on. As a result, the seat is subjected to Hawaiian airlines’ carry-on size and maximum weight limit.

It is stated that if the child restraint seats are actually used while on the flight, it would not be counted as a replacement for carry-on baggage. The booster itself has to meet certain conditions before you could use it for your child on the flight.

For one, the children’s seat has to be hard-backed and has approval from any government body, preferably the FAA.

You also have to purchase a seat right beside you for your child, where you can attach the child booster. The seat purchased can not be in the exit area. In case these conditions are not met, the airlines can decide on a change of seat arrangements.

The booster seat has to be secured and strapped safely inside the seatbelts of the airplane seat. Alongside, the child has to be properly tucked inside the child restraint seat.

6. Dry Ice

Oddly enough, dry ice can be taken on the airplane both as checked baggage or carry-on. A guest can bring about 5.5 pounds of dry ice with them. This could be because you have some items that would otherwise expire if they aren’t refrigerated. When you are checking in, you have to let one of the Hawaiian airline’s representatives know about the ice.

The package also has to be properly labeled as dry ice along with its weight. The package has to be flexible enough so that while it is being transported on the aircraft, the pressure from the gas can be released with ease.

7. Wagons

Wagons can’t be brought into the aircraft cabin. At the ticket counter, you would have to list the wagon under baggage and pay the fee that is applicable for the size and maximum weight of the wagon. This applies to carts and any other carriers similar to them.

Hawaiian airlines carry-on fees

Hawaiian Airlines’ carry-on fees are basically non-existent. You do not have to pay anything for the carry-on baggage, personal item, or any carry-on item.

There are checked baggage fees, which increase with each add-on of a bag. Additionally, if the checked baggage weight and size limit is exceeded, more fees are applicable depending on how much extra space had to be provided.

Hawaiian airlines’ baggage fees can also be applied to sports equipment. The total amount would depend on the type of item it is.

Usually, if one is traveling from one point to another within Hawaii, the standard fee for the first checked baggage is $25. For the second, it is $35 and the third, $50.

For domestic travel that’s not limited to Hawaii state, Hawaiian airlines baggage fees increase by $5. This means first baggage check-in would cost $30.

Restricted Items On Hawaiian Airlines

Both Hawaiian airline carry-on and checked baggage rules have certain items that can not be brought on the airplane without special permission. Then, there are items that can’t be brought on the airplane at all. This includes things such as firearms or tasers. Unless the firearms or similar ammunition is carried by a diplomat or a law enforcement personnel. Even then, they would have to inform one of the Hawaiian airline’s agents, with proper identification.

All of the items restricted are stated on the Hawaiian Airlines website.

The items likely to face refusal are mostly things that would be a threat to safety. The safety could be that of passengers, crew, cargo, or baggage. The items refused could also be devices that would cause problems with the airplane control equipment. Similar to how we are asked to turn off our cellphones while taking off.

For example, golf clubs without swings are not allowed. Any material with powerful magnetic fields is not allowed. This is because these items have been proven to cause issues with aviation and other tools.

Any kind of item that can combust would never be allowed on a passenger aircraft. This means fireworks, heating devices, compressed gas, any kind of gas or liquid that can burn. Camping stoves and fuels are not allowed either. Except, one can carry a common lighter.

Any item that might burst into flame if it comes into contact with water would never be allowed on the airplane. Any kind of two-wheeled scooter can not be taken to the plane either.

Smart bags, while prohibited, can be taken as carry-on baggage or checked-in baggage if the battery can be removed. Moreover, lithium battery-operated electronics come under prohibition if the battery isn’t removed.

Check-in Rules

About 24 hours from the departure time, online check-in becomes possible. Then, about an hour from take-off time, online check-in is closed. For checked baggage, you can not begin doing so 4 hours from the flight time.

You would have to go to the ticket counter and inform them about the amount of baggage you plan on checking in. You would also have to let them know about any tricky items, such as a child booster or a dry ice package.

If you are to bring CPAP devices with you, the reservation department of Hawaiian airlines has to be informed at least 48 hours before the flight. Then, you have to check-in at the ticket counter again and you have to do it before one hour of your flight at the minimum.

Hope you have a safe and smooth journey!

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