Air Canada Baggage Allowance, Fees, Policy [2021]

Air Canada Baggage Allowance Guide

AIR CANADA Hand Baggage Allowance Summary
  •  1 FREE Hand Baggage
  •   1 FREE personal item
  •  55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm
  •  MAX 10 KG Weight


Try the Air Canada Carry On Sizes Checker at the Airport

Allowed Items for Air Canada Baggage Allowance

Allowed Items for Air Canada Baggage Allowance


  • Carry-on bag, roller bag, backpack, briefcase,
  • Laptop computer,
  • Cat or small dog in its carrier,
  • Airport shopping and duty-free purchases,
  • Sport racquet
  • Camera bag,
  • Garment bag
  • Musical instrument.

AIR CANADA Onboard Personal Allowance

Here are examples of items you can bring on board in addition to your carry-on allowance:

  • Coat or another outer garment,
  • Small purse measuring no more than 25cm x 30cm x 14cm (10in x 12in x 5.5 in).
    • Larger purses will be included in your carry-on allowance.
  • Infant care item (e.g. diaper bag),
  • Stroller
  • Child restraint device
  • A small electronic device such as phone
  • Snacks or food to eat on board:
    • All food must be wrapped or in a container.
    • You may not consume your own alcoholic beverages on board.
    • Always purchase liquids after you’ve passed the security checkpoint.


AIR CANADA Checked Baggage Allowance

AIR CANADA Checked Baggage Allowance Summary

 1st Free Checked Baggage Bag

 MAX Total Size 158CM

 MAX 32 KG Weight

Please refer to Air Canada’s checked baggage calculator to determine your free checked baggage allowance, as well as any additional fees.

More information from AIR CANADA Baggage Allowance:

AIR CANADA Special items


The following items are allowed at all times, in addition to your carry-on allowance:

  • Mobility aid
  • Container carrying life sustaining items,
  • Medication in its original, labelled container,
  • Battery-powered medical equipment and Personal Oxygen Concentrators,
  • Cremated remains
  • Syringe or needle for personal medical use


AIR CANADA Carry On Baggage Security

AIR CANADA Carry On Baggage Security


Passengers traveling with liquids or gels in containers over 100mL/100g (3.4oz) that are placed in carry-on baggage will have these items confiscated at the security checkpoint.

Passengers with connecting flights are advised not to purchase liquids or gels in containers over 100mL/100g (3.4oz) within the secure area at the airport or on board the aircraft if they do not have:

  • access to their checked baggage between connecting flights. and
  • room in their checked baggage to pack their duty-free purchases before rechecking their bags for their next flight.

To view Transport Canada’s detailed list of items prohibited from carry-on baggage, including liquids and gels, please refer to the CATSA website

AIR CANADA Prohibited items

AIR CANADA Prohibited items


Sharp, piercing or cutting objects

  • Straight razors and razor blades
  • Sharp-tipped scissors
  • Box cutters
  • Knives of any length
  • Ammunition and firearms.
  • Fuel, lighters

Air Canada Prohibited Electronic devices

The use of the following electronic devices is prohibited at all times onboard

  • Wireless mouse
  • Bluetooth headsets
  • Radio transmitters
  • Radio controlled equipment or toys
  • Printers and computer peripheral devices
  • Laser pointers


AIR CANADA Carry On Accepted items

AIR CANADA Carry On Accepted items


Air Canada Accepted electronic devices

  • Certain electronic devices which are permitted on board with restricted use, such as:
    • Mobile Phones & Tablets
    • Personal entertainment devices (MP3, iPods, portable games, radio receivers, video cameras)
    • Calculators
    • Laptops. The corded mouse and the Memory Stick are the only peripheral devices permitted during flight.
    • Electric shavers

    Passengers may be asked to turn on their electronic device at the security check.

AIR CANADA Carry On Other Accepted items

  • One book of matches per passenger
  • Butane (Bic-type) lighters.
  • Ice skates, skateboards
  • Sharp-tipped scissors with blades measuring 6 cm
  • Small tools with a head and shaft measuring 6 cm
  • Tools of any size
  • Restraining devices
  • Electronic cigarettes


AIR CANADA Pets and other special items

AIR CANADA Pets and other special items


Car seats and strollers
For detailed information on transporting these and other related items, please view the Travelling with an infant/child page.

Cats and small dogs
Cats and small dogs are accepted for travel in the cabin. View rules, restrictions and charges on our Pets in the cabin page.

Musical instruments
We will try to accommodate smaller musical instruments as part of your carry-on baggage allowance provided they do not exceed the maximum allowable size and weight permitted for carry-on baggage.

Wedding dresses
You can store your wedding dress in the overhead bin provided it is within the carry-on baggage size restrictions (23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm – 9 in x 15.5 in x 21.5 in). The dress should be stored in a garment bag and should be folded in half to reduce wrinkling.


Air Canada Lost & Damaged Luggage

Air Canada Lost and Found Luggage


Air Canada is not liable for any item lost or forgotten on an Air Canada plane or in another Air Canada area.

Contact Air Canada Lost and Found and complete Lost and Found Form

  • Call Air Canada Central Baggage Office at 1-888-689-2247 (within North America) or your local Air Canada office if you are outside North America.

Air Canada Damaged Baggage

If, before leaving the airport, you notice that your baggage has been damaged, you should notify an Air Canada Baggage Service counter. If you have already left the airport, Air Canada strongly advise you to return to the airport with your damaged baggage, ticket and baggage tags to report the damage.

Proof of damage, presented in the form of photographs of the baggage with the baggage tags on the baggage, photographs of the damage, tickets and baggage tags, must be reported to Air Canada Baggage Claims at the latest within 7 days from receipt of the baggage.


Air Canada Excess Baggage Fees

Air Canada Excess Baggage Fees


These are the rates to check luggage on Air Canada on routes between the United States and Canada.

  • FIRST BAG $25
  • SECOND BAG $35
  • THIRD+ BAG $100

More Air Canada Excess Baggage details: visit the Air Canada website.


Air Canada Baggage Allowance Tips

Air Canada Baggage Allowance Tips


  • Save Baggage Weight by buying Lightweight Luggage
  • To avoid Air Canada Excess Baggage Fee, weigh your luggage using Scales
  • Save baggage space by ‘Zip and Roll’ Clothes

Remove the following Items from your Air Canada Baggage:

  • Liquids and gels over 100 millilitres
  • Flammable liquids, such as oil-based paint or lighter fluid
  • Sharp objects, such as knives
  • Self-defense items, such as bear spray
  • Explosive materials, such as fireworks
  • Chemicals, such as bleach


Air Canada Baggage FAQs

What is AIR CANADA Hand Baggage Allowance?

1 FREE Hand Baggage, Max Size: 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm. Max Weight: MAX 10 KG

What is AIR CANADA Checked Baggage Allowance?

1st Free Checked Baggage Bag, Max Size: Total Size 158CM, Max Weight: 32 KG Weight

What are Air Canada Excess Baggage Fees?



More information AIR CANADA Baggage Allowances & Sizes:

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