EL AL Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight, Fees & Policy Guide [2021]

For anyone planning to fly with EL AL Israel Airlines this year, it’s crucial to keep yourself informed about their carry-on baggage policies. Today we’re going to share with you an in-depth look at the hand luggage allowance for this airline to offer you a smooth check-in process when you arrive at the airport.

EL AL Carry-On Baggage Summary

  • One piece of hand luggage included with Lite and Classic Economy fares, two pieces included with upgraded tickets
  • Hand luggage must not exceed 25 cm (depth) x 45 (width) x 56 (height) cm in size
  • Baggage allowances and weight allowances vary depending on the flight ticket
  • One personal item is also allowed measuring up to 18 x 38 x 30 cm

EL AL Carry-On Baggage Policies for Economy Class

Within EL AL Israel Airlines economy class offerings, they sell three different ticket types; Lite, Classic, and Flex. These fares are available for all of their flights, including ones throughout Europe or to South Africa, but don’t include North American flights. Depending on the type of ticket you purchase for your flight, you’ll find that your carry-on baggage allowance varies sightly. Before purchasing a ticket for the economy passenger cabin, check out what is included in each ticket to find the best solution for your needs. When it comes to the luggage allowance for carry-on baggage, each individual item must not weigh over 8kg in economy class. The maximum size of your hand baggage is 25 x 45 x 56 cm. These are the number of carry-on bags or suitcases you can take when flying on the various economy fares:

  • Lite – 1 bag
  • Classic – 1 bag
  • Economy Flex – 2 bags, with a maximum combined weight of 12kg (one piece of hand baggage must not exceed 8kg)

EL AL Carry-On Baggage Policies for Premium and Business Class

If you’ve upgraded to first or business class for your EL AL flight, you’ll benefit from an increased baggage allowance in the passenger cabin. These requirements are slightly different from that of economy class, and business class is considered to be the first-class fare with EL AL Israel Airlines. The measurements for your hand luggage are exactly the same as with economy, and no piece of luggage should come in at more than 25 x 45 x 56 cm or 115 cm in total measurements. These measurements will include your handles, wheels, and any side pocket additions on your baggage.

  • Premium Class – 2 x hand luggage, with a maximum combined weight of 12kg (one piece of hand baggage must not exceed 8kg)
  • Business Class – 1 suitcase at a maximum of 16kg in weight, and another to a maximum of 4kg

EL AL Israel Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policies – Information for All Classes

Regardless of the type of fare you purchase, there are similar restrictions in place for all hand baggage for an EL AL flight. All of the carry-ons we’ve discussed above can be brought into the passenger cabin for free. They must be able to be stored in the bins above your head or underneath the seat on the flight. Keep this in mind when packing any unique items, such as sports equipment, which may not be able to fit into this tight space. Ensure you pack your hand luggage according to the allowances set by EL AL, which will avoid any hold ups at the airport later on.

In very rare cases, airlines find they don’t have enough room in the main cabin, and so will offer to store your luggage in the hold of the aircraft, and then you’ll retrieve it with any other luggage you check in. If you are just traveling to your destinations this year with hand luggage, always familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited items that you must not carry in your baggage. These include flammable items and large toiletries.

EL AL Personal Items by Cabin Class

As well as your baggage allowance for your carry-on baggage, many people will opt to travel with a laptop bag or another similar small personal item. EL AL Israel Airlines offers passengers in economy and first-class cabins a free personal item, and in this case, the EL AL baggage allowance doesn’t vary between the classes.

Each individual who flies with EL AL is entitled to one personal item, which can be a maximum of 18 x 38 x 30 cm in size. This size of hand baggage will ensure your laptop bag or backpack can fit underneath the seat in front of you when you enter the plane. If your personal bag does exceed the stated measurements, you’ll need to pay the excess baggage charges. The cost of these fees is dependent on whether you purchased this in advance of your flights or if you left it until you reached the airport in Tel Aviv or elsewhere in the world.

If you enjoy shopping at the airport, it’s important to note that duty-free items that are purchased in addition to the piece of luggage you carried into the airport will count towards this allowance. They will need to be placed either in your personal item or hand baggage, otherwise they’ll count towards excess baggage.

EL AL Hand Baggage Policies for Flights to North America

EL AL also offers flight ticket options that service North America, and the carry-on baggage policies and booking terms vary slightly on these flights. Once again, you’ll need to keep the EL AL baggage policies in mind when upgrading packing for your flight this year. When booking an EL AL flight to North America, your hand luggage allowances are as follows. All bags will have the same size guidelines as other EL AL baggage guidelines and should be a maximum of 25 cm (depth) x 45 (width) x 56 (height) cm or 115 cm in total dimensions.

  • Economy Class – 1 bag of up to 8kg in weight
  • Premium Class – 2 pieces of hand luggage, with a maximum combined weight of 12 kg (one piece of hand baggage must not exceed 8kg)
  • Business Class – 1 suitcase at a maximum of 16kg in weight, and a second to a maximum of 4kg

A laptop case can be brought onto the plane when traveling in First or Business class, and this will count as one of your two pieces of hand luggage.

EL AL Personal Items Hand Luggage Policies for Flights to North America

The personal item requirements for a North American flight are the same as for elsewhere in the world and don’t change for first and business class. A personal item can be a purse, camera bag, laptop bag, briefcase, or any other item that business passengers may require. The item should always be under 18 x 30 x 38 cm, regardless of the class you have booked in when making your advance arrangements. Once again, it must be able to fit under the seat in front of you, or you’ll be subject to excess baggage fees. Duty-free items must be placed inside your suitcase or briefcase, or they will be counted as extra to your weight allowance.

EL AL Excess Baggage Fees and Baggage Allowances

To avoid excess baggage fees, we always recommend checking out the requirements for your trip ahead of time. Excess baggage fees will depend on the region you are flying in and the countries you are visiting on your trip. If you do find you have too much luggage when traveling to any of EL AL’s destinations, you can upgrade your allowance when purchasing your airline ticket or via the call center or website after your purchase. Credit cards are accepted to purchase this upgrade, and you can decide how many extra pieces of luggage you require.

When flying in Europe, you’ll receive the following baggage allowances for your flights:

As you can see, Economy Lite does not receive a free suitcase allowance to put in the hold, and you’ll need to purchase this in advance of your trip or when you arrive at the airport. A second, third, fourth, or fifth bag can be purchased in advance online, or you’ll pay $90 per bag at the airport in addition. If you need to travel with special luggage, such as sports equipment, always enquire in advance about the fees associated with this type of luggage on a plane.

As far as excess baggage rates, where the weight of your bag is too high, the cost of this depends on whether you purchase this more or less than three hours before your flight. If your luggage is between 23-32 kilos, you’ll pay $95 more than three hours before, and this increases to $110 as you get within three hours of the flight. If you the owner of a Fly Card, you may be lucky enough to enjoy discounted purchases on an extra piece of luggage.

EL AL Airlines offers flights connecting Israel to exotic destinations such as South Africa. Regardless of whether you are flying in economy or first and business class, ensure you check your luggage allowance before heading to the airport to avoid exceeding the recommended dimensions and number of bags you are allowed with EL AL baggage.

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