Emirates Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Fees & Weight Policy [2021]

Are you taking a flight with Emirates airlines anytime soon? If yes, then keep reading because we will talk about everything you need to know about the baggage allowance with an Emirates flight. It’s essential to know the ins and outs of baggage allowance because if you don’t, you might end up with more baggage than allowed. In that case, there’s a chance you might not be allowed to fly at all.

If you have any questions related to baggage allowance with Emirates, then you’re in the right place. We are going to address all perceivable questions about baggage allowance with Emirates. So let’s begin!

What is the baggage allowance for Emirates economy class?

Baggage allowances for different airlines are different, depending on the built of their aircraft. This is because the amount of weight an aircraft can carry is calculated beforehand. If there are any irregularities with that, the aircraft is susceptible to turbulence. So let’s see the different kinds of baggage allowances Emirates allows for the Economy class.

Cabin Baggage Allowance for Economy Class

The cabin baggage rules for economy class are as following:

  • Economy class passengers are allowed to carry a carry-on bag that should not exceed 7kgs. This could be a laptop bag, a garment bag, or a handbag, depending on what you need for the trip. The carry-on bag’s dimensions should not exceed 55*38*20 cm.

Checked Baggage Allowance for Economy Class

The checked baggage allowance for passengers flying with Emirates is quite generous. Here are the rules for the checked baggage allowance for economy class:

  1. First, the Emirates checked baggage allowance depends on the total weight you are carrying. You can carry several bags depending on which class you have booked. According to the weight concept followed by the Emirates airlines, you can carry as many bags so long as it meets your weight allowance. People who are flying in the Economy can carry up to a total of 20kgs of baggage.
  2. The economy has further baggage plans as Economy Saver, Economy Flex, and Economy Flex Plus. The Economy Saver allows passengers to carry 25kgs of weight. For the Economy Flex, the maximum permitted weight is 30 kgs. The Economy Flex Plus baggage gives a package allowance of 35kgs.
  3. Please note that the flights between UAE have a baggage allowance of 25kgs. This is called the Economic Special. Another point to keep in mind is that the Economy Saver class allows baggage of 30kgs for people flying from Australia and New Zealand. This is specifically for passengers who booked their tickets on/after 26 November 2019.

Checked Baggage Allowance for Economy Saver Class

  1. People flying in business class can bring 40kgs of baggage to them. First Class travelers are allowed to bring 50kgs of baggage with them.
  2. Please remember that your bags should be of specific dimensions. In this case, their size cannot be more than 118 inches (300 cm).

Checked Baggage Allowance According to Piece Concept

Emirates baggage allowance offers various options to their passenger flying to and from the United States of America and Africa. For the United States of America and flights originating in Africa, Emirate Airways has a unique piece system. The allowance is also mainly decided by your fare and travel class. Please note that this is only applicable to flights to and from the United States of America and flights originating in Africa, but not within the US, and between the US and Europe.

The first thing you need to know about the piece concept is that you will be allowed to bring several bags, and each bag has a specific weight allowance. If any of your bags weigh more than that, then you may not be able to board the flights. Let’s have a look at the Checked Baggage Allowance according to the piece concept.

  1. There are three classes for flights from the United States of America and flights originating in Africa – Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class.
  2. The Economy Class is allowed to travel with two pieces of baggage weighing 23 kgs each. This is applicable for passengers traveling with Economy Saver, Economy Flex, and Economy Flex Plus. One thing to keep in mind for passengers whose journey begins in Africa is that if they booked their tickets before 11th May 2020, the Economy Special Class allows them to carry one piece of luggage weighing 23 kg.
  3. The business class passengers are allowed checked baggage consisting of two pieces, each up to 32 kg.
  4. The first-class passengers can also bring two pieces of checked baggage, each up to 32 kg.

Baggage Allowance for Flights Within the US and Between the US and Europe

  1. For the Economy Class, there is segregation with special allowances for all passengers. Passengers flying Economy Special have a baggage allowance of one piece that weighs up to 23 kg. This is applicable for Economy Saver as well.
  2. Then there’s the Economy Flex and the Economy Flex Plus. Flex and Flex Plus passengers have a baggage allowance for two pieces weighing 23 kg each.
  3. The Business Class and the First Class passengers can also carry two pieces, each weighing 23 kg.

Baggage Allowance When Travelling From Different Places

When traveling from Australia, New Zealand, or Asia to North or South America, there is a layover in Dubai for 24 hours or an airport in Europe and Africa. This means that the weight concept will be applied for the whole journey.

Dimensions for Checked Baggage Allowance

The total dimension of one piece of baggage should not be more than 150 cm, i.e., 59 inches. If your baggage dimensions are more than 150 cm, then you may be charged an additional baggage fee to get it on board. However, please note that this is only possible if your baggage’s dimensions are not more than 300 cm, i.e., 118 inches.

Furthermore, if your luggage’s dimensions exceed the maximum limit of 300 cm, it won’t be allowed in as checked baggage. This is for excess baggage, too. In that case, you will have to hire cargo or freight to get your baggage where you’re going.

Baggage Allowances Within the United States of America

First, we have to understand what the Interline baggage policy is. An Interline flight booking can be defined as a booking on the same ticket as Emirates but is not operated by the Emirates Airline. These tickets do not have an Emirates flight number on them. Emirate flight numbers are those numbers that begin with EK.

There is an Interline policy that allows passengers to travel within the US. The Interline baggage policy states that if you begin traveling from the United States, and your first booking is not with the Emirates, different rules for baggage allowances may apply. Please note that this is according to the Interline baggage policy and not for flights operated by Emirates. Let’s have a look at them.

Within the United States, here are the following rules you would have to follow if you have an Interline booking:

  • If your initial flight is booked with Emirates, then the whole itinerary should follow the Emirates baggage allowance policy. Remember that this is applicable for flights from different airlines as well.
  • In the event that your first flight is not secured with Emirates, the baggage carrier for the first airline’s baggage policy will be applied to the whole trip. This is because, according to the US Department of Transportation regulations, in case of multiple airline booking, the first airline’s baggage policy shall apply to the whole itinerary.

You have to keep in mind some other rules when it comes to the Emirates Baggage Allowance. They are:

  • The baggage policy for your ticket is displayed on the website of Emirates Airways while booking the flight. Please remember to make sure that you have your e-ticket on you when you’re at the airport.
  • If you choose to go with your first booking choice with another airline, you can purchase any additional luggage according to their policy from that airline itself. If there are any discounts, they will be displayed on the respected airline’s online booking platform.
  • For passengers traveling to the United States of America, different baggage rules may apply in case of interline bookings. Please contact both Emirates and the other airline to ensure you don’t fall short of any essential information.

Baggage Allowance for Cabin Baggage

Much like with checked baggage allowance, there is a model set in place by Emirates Airways for cabin baggage. Let’s have a look.

First and Business Class

First, let’s look at the First and Business Class allowance for cabin baggage. The First and Business Class baggage allowance also requires the luggage to meet certain dimensions and weight capacity. They can carry a briefcase in the cabin with the dimensions 45*35*20 cm, i.e., 18*14*8 inches. Passengers can carry a handbag that doesn’t exceed 55*38*20 cm, i.e., 22*15*8 inches.

They can also carry a garment bag that doesn’t exceed 20 cm, i.e., 8 inches thick when folded to be kept into the cabin. Please remember that whichever cabin bag you choose to carry with you should not exceed the weight limit of 7 kg, i.e., 15 pounds.

You must remember here that wheelie bags shall only be allowed as cabin baggage if they fit the weight and dimensions mentioned above.

Economy Class

The Economy class passengers are only allowed to bring one carry-on bag that should not be more than 55*38*20 cm, i.e., 22*15*8 inches. The weight of this carry-on baggage should not be more than 7 kg, i.e., 15 pounds. Remember that you should be able to keep your carry-on in the cabin yourself. The cabin crew will help you if you are elderly, traveling with children, or having a physical ailment that requires support.

Customers boarding in India, Dubai, and Brazil

For passengers boarding the flight from India, they are allowed to have one carry-on bag. The dimensions of the bag cannot be more than 115 cm, i.e., 45.3 inches.

Then comes the passengers boarding from Brazil. Passengers whose travel begins in Brazil and who have secured a ticket booked in Brazil can carry cabin baggage that doesn’t weigh more than 10 kg, i.e., 22 pounds. Any baggage that is too big to fit into the cabin should be checked in when receiving your boarding passes at the check-in point.

Excess baggage will not be allowed in the cabin for people traveling from Dubai. In case of excess baggage, the luggage will be transferred to the hold, and the passengers will be given a checked-in receipt.

How can I buy Extra Baggage Allowance?

As we mentioned above, your baggage allowance depends on factors like your routes, class of travel, and fares. They also depend on whether you have an Emirates Skywards membership. Buy additional baggage allowance online to save time, money, and discounts. Please note that you can buy extra baggage allowances on adult and child tickets, but not on infant tickets.

If you choose to buy an extra allowance at the airport instead of online, you need to come to the airport a few hours before boarding. Another thing you need to keep in mind that they may not accept cash at the airport, so make sure that you carry your credit or debit cards with you.

You can avail of a 50 to 60 percent discount if you manage to buy an extra allowance in advance. Please remember that you can only avail discounts up to four hours before the departure time. You can do this online or at Emirates Retail and Contact Centres. You can buy an extra allowance in the amounts of 5 kg up to 50 kgs.

As we mentioned, you can check-in bags according to the weight and piece concept provided by Emirates Airways. Let’s talk about the pricing details for buying an extra allowance with Emirates. Please note that these details are in US dollars per kg.

  1. Passengers traveling from the Middle East can buy an extra allowance of $15.
  2. Passengers traveling from the Far East can buy an extra allowance of $25.
  3. Passengers traveling from Europe can buy an extra allowance of $25.
  4. Passengers traveling from Australia and New Zealand can buy an extra allowance of $40.
  5. Passengers traveling from Africa can buy an extra allowance of $25.

For more information about buying extra allowance and their rates, please visit the Emirates website.

FAQs about Emirates Baggage Allowance

Can I check in two bags with Emirates?

Yes, you can check in two bags with Emirates depending on whether your bags meet the Emirates checked baggage allowance weight and dimensions. In can you are traveling with heavy checked-in baggage, you will receive a check-in receipt.

However, please remember that the Emirates checked baggage allowance depends on the class you’re traveling, that is, Economy, Business, and First, along with how much your travel fares amount to. Apart from the Economy special and Saver, passengers traveling Flex, Flex Plus, First, and Business class can travel with two bags with different weight specifications.

But you must check your booking details as they are mentioned on your e-ticket. If you try to check in more than what’s allowed, your tickets are susceptible to suspension.

How many bags are allowed in Emirates?

The number of bags you are allowed in Emirates depends on your travel fares and the class of your travel. For example, the Economy Special and Saver passengers can carry one bag that is not more than 23 kg (50 pounds). If you’re traveling with Economy Flex and Flex Plus, you will be able to carry two bags that don’t weigh more than 23 kg.

The First and Business Class passengers can travel with two pieces of luggage, each weighing 32 kg. In case of extra luggage, you can choose to buy an additional baggage allowance.

Can I put 30kgs in a bag while flying with Emirates?

Whether you can put 30 kgs in a bag while flying with Emirates depends on your travel fares and the class you choose to travel with. The First and Business Class passengers are allowed to carry two pieces weighing 32 kgs each. So you can put 30 kgs in a bag while flying with Emirates if you have First and Business class tickets.

However, the same does not apply to Economy Class travelers. Economy Special and Saver passengers can carry a bag that weighs 23 kgs or less. However, if you really need to carry 30 kgs, you can distribute them among your carry-on baggage and checked-in baggage.

The Economy Flex and Flex Plus allow passengers to carry two pieces of luggage weighing 23 kgs each. Therefore, you can’t put 3- kgs in a bag while traveling with Emirates, but you can distribute your luggage among your bags to be checked in.

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