Saudia Airlines Baggage Allowance, Fees & Sizes Policy Guide [2021]

If you’ve booked a flight with Saudi Arabian Airlines this year, you’ll want to ensure you know what is included in your free baggage allowance. There’s nothing worse than arriving at the airport to find out you need to pay excess baggage fees. We’re here to help you out today by sharing the included Saudi Arabian Airlines baggage allowance regardless of where you are going in the world and what class you are flying in.

Who Are Saudi Arabian Airlines?

Saudi Arabian Airlines, which are also known as Saudia, is the national airline of Saudi Arabia. The company is based in Jeddah, with its primary hub being King Abdulaziz International Airport. They offer both domestic and international flights, covering a wide selection of destinations around the world.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Baggage Summary

  • 1 Free Piece of Hand Luggage
  • A maximum of 7 kg in weight in economy class
  • The total size of your hand luggage must not exceed 115 cm
  • In first and business classes, a document case is also permitted with your hand luggage

Saudi Arabian Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policies for Economy Class

When flying on Saudi Arabian Airlines with an economy ticket on an international flight, the baggage allowance for your carry-on baggage does not change regardless of the ticket you buy. Whether you have a Saver, Basic, Semi-Flex, or Flex ticket, you’ll find the requirements are exactly the same. Your piece should not exceed 115 cm in total measurements, and the weight is a maximum of 7 kg per item. These measurements are the equivalent of 56 x 45 x 25 cm or 22 x 18 x 10 inches.

The piece of hand luggage should contain almost everything you need to take on international flights with you to keep you comfortable on the flight itself. Unlike other airlines, the personal bag allowance is much stricter. The carry-on baggage allowance specifies that your garment bag or suitcase must be able to fit in the overhead rack or under the seat in front of you. Place a label on the bag to avoid any issues or confusion with other passengers in the cabin.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policies for First and Business Classes

If you’ve upgraded your ticket to business class or first class when flying to Asia, Africa, Guangzhou, China, or elsewhere in the world, you’ll enjoy an increased free carry-on baggage allowance. In business class, when flying anywhere in the world, such as their East Asia, Africa, Guangzhou routes, you’ll enjoy an increased allowance to 12 kg for your hand luggage. Once again, the dimensions of this luggage in business class are a maximum of 56 x 45 x 25 cm or 22 x 18 x 10 inches, which is 115 cm in total measurements. These regulations count for all three business class tickets, including Basic, Semi-Flex, and Flex.

For anyone who has upgraded to first class, the baggage policy remains the same as with business class. Your hand luggage weight limit is once again 12 kg, and you can just take one item. This applies to both Flex and Semi-Flex first-class tickets with Saudia. One important note is that if you are flying to the USA or on their Canada to Saudi Arabia route, you’ll only be allowed one carry-on bag, regardless of the class you are flying in. These international flights reduce the free baggage allowance to 16 pounds and 45 inches in total dimensions for all classes.

Saudia Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policies – Information for All Classes

Regardless of what class you are flying in, there are certain free baggage allowance guidelines that must be followed when traveling with Saudi Arabia Airlines. Firstly, regardless of the guest class you are flying in, you’ll need to ensure your bag can fit in a closed overhead locker or underneath the seat in front of you. On top of that, you’ll want to ensure you haven’t packed any prohibited items in your bag. The airline encourages you to charge any electronics when flying from the United Kingdom and the USA to ensure that you don’t have any issues with airport security. You’ll also want to check the list of items you are allowed to carry and pay close attention to the liquids allowance for your flight. These liquids will need to be carried in a clear plastic bag through security.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Cabin Baggage Personal Items

When it comes to your personal items when flying with Saudia, you may find this setup to be a little different from other companies. In economy, you are only allowed to carry what are described as personal items on your flight. These allow a passenger to carry an umbrella, a laptop, a small hand bag or purse, food for infants, and a baby stroller. If you are traveling with anyone with special needs, anything they require for the duration of the flight will also be counted. In comparison to other airlines that also permit a personal item which could be a small backpack, these baggage restrictions are much tougher for anyone in economy.

However, if you’ve upgraded your guest class to first or business class, you receive a proper hand baggage allowance. The baggage dimensions must not exceed 56 x 20 x 35 cm or 18 x 8 x 14 inches. The weight of this hand baggage allowance is a maximum of 9 kgs. Saudi Airlines suggest this item is a briefcase or document bag, so this requirement is generally in place to allow business travelers to work on their journey.

Saudi Airlines Hand Baggage Policies Domestic Flights

If you are flying domestically within Saudi Arabia, you’ll find policies vary slightly from the international restrictions. For economy class, your free baggage weight limit remains at 7 kg for economy. For passengers flying in business or first class, you receive a slightly smaller allowance when flying within Saudi Arabia, and your hand bag must not exceed 9 kg in weight, or you’ll be subjected to excess baggage fees. A carry basket or baby’s stroller can be carried for free, but no personal item is included within this list.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Excess Baggage Fees and Baggage Allowances

Domestic Flights

As far as your baggage allowances for checked-in luggage, these will vary by class and whether you are flying internationally or domestically. For domestic flights, economy class is always subjected to a 23 kg weight limit. Saver fares don’t include a bag, one piece of baggage is included with a Basic fare, and then four items are included with Flex tickets.

When upgrading to business and first class, the policies are as follows:

  • Business Basic ticket – 1 x 32 kg
  • Business Flex ticket – 4 x 32 kg
  • First Class – 4 x 32 kg

As you can see, the Saudi Arabia policies for domestic flights are very generous with many tickets. An infant ticket is offered the exact same baggage allowance as an adult one.

International Flights

When flying in economy on an international flight, baggage allowances vary depending on your ticket type.

  • Saver fares – no baggage included
  • Basic ticket – 1 x 23 kg
  • Basic ticket to the USA and North America – 2 x 23 kg
  • Semi-Flex and Flex tickets – 2 x 23 kg
  • Business Class and First Class – 2 x 32 kg

Purchasing Excess Baggage

When traveling with Saudi Arabian Airlines, we encourage you to book your excess luggage online as early as possible. The rates for additional checked baggage vary depending on where you are traveling in the world. Each region has a different rate per item, so you’ll want to check out their website for information about this. You pay an additional charge for purchasing checked baggage at the airport, so we highly recommend you avoid doing this where possible. If your bag weighs more than expected upon arrival at the airport, you’ll receive a fee of $50 in most countries, except the USA to China routes, where this increases to $60.

Sporting Equipment Allowances for Checked Baggage

The dimensions for all baggage on international flights should not exceed 62 inches or 158 cm. To add sporting equipment to your fare, it will be $100 USD per piece within the approved dimensions. If you have a larger bag, this will require an additional $67 charge. No bag can exceed 32 kg in weight or 300 cm in total dimensions, or it will be treated as cargo. For domestic flights, the excess baggage charge is 100 SAR per piece when it’s within the approved dimensions. 100 SAR extra will be charged as well for baggage that exceeds the recommended size. On top of that, anything heavier than 32 kg or larger than 300 cm is treated as cargo.

Saudi Airlines works to connect the Middle East with the rest of the world, and they offer varying allowances based on where you are traveling in the world. Whether you are flying to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, or the USA, we encourage you to check the baggage allowance in advance of your flight this year to avoid additional charges for your checked-in baggage or hand bag upon arrival at the airport.

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