Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Fees & Weight Policy [2022]

Paying the price for excess baggage itself isn’t as annoying as having to do it in the airport while you’re worrying about boarding as soon as possible. Not to mention the excess baggage fees can raise considerably depending on whether you are traveling domestically or flying abroad. By acquainting yourself with Turkish Airlines Baggage allowance rules, you won’t find yourself panicking before the flight.

Turkish Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

The total dimensions of checked baggage allowance by Turkish Airlines amount to 158 cm. Additionally, for economic passengers, the weight is restricted to 20 kg. The weight allowance for the items of Business class passengers is 30 Kg. Bags weighing more than this would have to be admitted with excess baggage fees.

The economy class has various tiers, too. In fact, while there is only one business class, the economy class comes with a few more options for passengers. The Economy ExtraFly has a 20 kg allowance. Economy EcoFly admits with 15 kg and Economy PrimeFly permits 25 Kg. However, these tier flights are limited within Turkey.

For international travel, the allowance for the economy and business class checked baggage remains as stated. For infant passengers, 10 kg bag items could be checked in along with a collapsable buggy. However, the stroller has to be within 115 cm in dimensions.

Turkish Airlines Cabin Baggage Allowance

Cabin baggage allowance is under 55 cm in length, 40 cm in height, and 23 cm in width. The maximum weight of the baggage should not exceed 8 kg. A personal item within the 40 x 30 x 15 cm limitations is allowed inside the cabin. Economy class passengers can only carry one cabin baggage along with personal items. Business-class passengers are allowed 2 and both have to be under 8 kg.

If the maximum weight or dimensions of the cabin baggage go past the limit placed, it would be sent as checked baggage. If you already have another checked baggage, the cabin baggage would have to be admitted as checked baggage with excess baggage fees.

If you have duty-free products with you, they will come under free baggage allowance. The regulations placed for cabin baggage allowance do not apply to them. Suit covers within the dimensions of 114 x 60 x 11 cm are also termed cabin baggage.

Personal items are usually placed under the seat in front of the passenger while cabin baggage is kept in the overhead compartment.

If you are carrying liquids- the non-prohibited ones- it has to be carried in containers with only 100 ml per box. If the size of the container exceeds 100 ml, it won’t be allowed inside the cabin. The liquid inside the box could not be filling the whole container and it still won’t be allowed. Not to mention the containers should be secured inside a 1-liter transparent bag. The bag has to be zip-locked, and if you carry this, you can not carry any other bag into the cabin.

The liquid solutions usually allowed are contact lenses, deodorant, perfume, and other generally non-harmful liquids. Toothpaste and shaving cream can also find their place inside the cabin. If there is an infant with you, regardless of how much baby food or liquid you have, it would be allowed inside the cabin.

Liquid and solid medicines are allowed provided you have a doctor’s prescription with you in addition to the original package the medicine was sealed in. If you have some sort of breathing condition and need a respiratory device such as an inhaler with you, it is allowed inside the cabin.

Makeup items are surprisingly allowed inside the cabin and so are tennis racquets if they are labeled with special bags. A lighter can be brought into the cabin provided you aren’t planning on using it as a weapon.

Turkish Airlines Excess Baggage

The excess baggage fees for Turkish Airlines can not be predicted prior. However, they have a baggage calculator on their website which you can use to get a good idea of how much you have to pay for the exceed maximum weight or bringing an extra item.

There are some waivers on the fees made depending on whether you are a soldier or a student. There could also be a change in fees of excess baggage allowance based on whether a person is taking a domestic flight, an international flight, or connecting flights.

Despite the excess baggage fees solution for extra items, if your baggage exceeds 32 kg, it won’t count under checked baggage allowance either. Then, the items have to be divided into two or more pieces to reduce weight per piece.

Turkish Airlines Special Item Allowance

Like all airlines, Turkish Airlines makes allowance for certain musical instruments, sports equipment, and pets. Though these come with lots of rules, as long as you inform the airlines beforehand, space should be made on the cargo for your special item.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment can either be taken in as a replacement for checked and cabin baggage in some cases or as extra items that you have to pay for. Most sports equipment is only considered checked baggage. However, if the equipment is divided into pieces sometimes, such as a tennis racquet, they may be allowed inside the cabin.

If the sports equipment is more than 32 kg, it has to be split into two bags. The equipment should also be packed inside a special package. When you are booking your tickets, you should inform the airlines of the size and the kind of sports equipment you would be packing. This would allow the airlines time to prepare space inside the cargo beforehand.

The sports equipment allowed and their limitations:

  • Bicycles are usually packed inside good paperboard. The bicycle is folded and disassembled as much as possible to make space. Special baggage fees are applied and bicycles that require batteries are not allowed at all as they are considered dangerous.
  • Mountaineering shoes, poles, ice axe, etc all have to fit inside a single bag to be allowed as checked baggage. Fees are applied if they are to be carried on international flights.
  • A golf bag with shoes, tees, ball, and golf club can not exceed 23 kg in maximum weight. One golfing set requires no special fee for international flights, but you are required to pay a fee if this is exceeded.
  • A canoe set with rows and a singular canoe are allowed as long as the electrical parts of the canoe are not taken on the flight. The length of the Canoe also cannot be more than 3.5 meters.
  • One pair of everything related to skiing is allowed on the flight provided the 23 kg weight limit is not exceeded.
  • Bows, arrows, and a special bag to keep the archery are made. International flights require extra fees.
  • Paragliding, a deflated boat for rafting, surfing board, water skiing equipment, can all be taken on the cargo.
  • All windsurfing-related equipment is allowed provided the bag size does not go beyond 292 cm.
  • All diving equipment is allowed but the cylinder has to be empty.
  • Hockey equipment inside a bag cannot go over 32 kg.
  • Fishing, hunting, camping, and bowling equipment are all allowed without a single issue.

Musical Instruments

Turkish Airlines does not have any kind of reservation against musical instruments for the most part.

As long as certain limits are followed, certain instruments are even allowed inside the cabin without any extra cost for it. For example, small instruments like violin, guitar, ukelele can be brought inside the cabin for free. Though it would be replacing the cabin free baggage allowance, the dimensions have to be within 118 cm.

Something like a Cello can also be brought to the cabin but you have to pay a fee for it. However, the maximum weight must not go over 75 kg, and the dimensions have to fall under 140 x 42 x 25 cm. A reservation has to be made with the airlines 48 hours prior if one is to bring the Cello inside the cabin.

The bigger instruments are brought in as checked baggage. They have to be packed inside a sturdy hard case. If the applied limitations on checked baggage are exceeded, you pay extra fees.

Pets On Flight

You can bring pets inside the cabin or to the aircraft hold. The ones traveling with you in the cabin have to fit inside an 8 kg crate. However, if the pet is pregnant, it won’t be allowed inside. For breeds that are known to suffer from respiratory diseases, they will be traveling with you inside the cabin. Do not forget to bring necessary documents related to your pets, especially their medical history.

You have to make a reservation in advance and have to confirm you are indeed bringing your pet at least 6 hours before departure time. In the same airplane, cats and birds are not allowed. For dogs and birds, they can be in the same plane as long as they are separated by cabins.

If there is a passenger on the airplane who has an allergy in relation to pets, the decision on whether the pet is allowed would be made based on who informed the airlines first.

Dogs who are working as service animals gain easy entrance to the flight.

Pets can also be brought to the aircraft hold but they have to be inside a crate with a hard area. It has enough space for the pet to breathe properly along with proper ventilation and no chance of water dripping in. Soft crates are not allowed.

Turkish Airlines Restrictions

Some items are completely prohibited on the flight, whether in the cargo or the cabin. These are generally items that can interfere with the airplane’s mechanics or can be considered dangerous to other passengers.

  • Some sprays used for air freshening as such are allowed as checked baggage but not cabin items.
  • Lighters shaped like a gun, special aid equipment such as wheelchairs with lithium or no-leak batteries are allowed checked baggage.
  • All kinds of electronic devices are allowed as checked baggage but not cabin bags.
  • Ammunition isn’t allowed inside the cabin but as checked baggage.
  • Items for self-defense are not allowed at all, regardless of in-cabin or cargo.
  • Safe bags, money bags are not allowed on airplanes at all.
  • Oxygen cylinders for medical purposes are allowed in cargo.
  • They allow flammable liquids if they are brought in small quantities. However, you can only carry them as checked baggage.

Final Thoughts

The free baggage allowance for Turkish Airlines is pretty solid for the most part. You can learn whether excess baggage rules are followed by checking their Excess baggage section. Business-class passengers appear to get more privileges than economy class, which can’t be helped due to the difference in flight prices. However, regardless of whether you are a business class passenger or not, Turkish Airlines allows lots of special items for free.

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